Attica Springboks R.F.C.

Our History

More than 20 years ago, a few enthusiasts gathered to play rugby and soon decided to form a club. Several founding members being of South African origin it seemed logical to form the name of this emerging club with the South African national team nickname: ‘the springboks’ and the name of the region of Greece, where it was founded: Attica. 

So, the Attica Sprinboks was founded in 2000

The veterans team has a long history. In 2009, there were around 45 veterans.

Apart from occasional local games, games with foreign veteran teams never stopped to be

played (veteran team or mixed team with senior players).

2007 Bucharest Barbarians (Roumania) (XV de Gaule)

2008 Royston (England)

2009 Golden Oldies Festival in Athens with three foreign teams (from Switzerland, Israel, ?)

2009 Yellow Bellies (New‐Zealand)

2010 Bucharest Barbarians (Roumania) and Piranhas du Stade (Toulouse‐France) (XV de


2011 Bucharest Barbarians (Roumania) and XV Mercenaires (France) (XV de Gaule)

2011 Tour in Toulouse (France) with the 1st team with participation to vets tournament

2012 RocStars (France)

2012 All‐Pinks (Paris‐France) (XV de Gaule)

2012 Generation 69 (France)

2013 Gros Elans (Grenoble‐France) (XV de Gaule)

2015 Entente Sportive Renault (XV de Gaule)

2016 Gonin’s (Toulouse‐France)

French Navy (2008, 2014)